Additional complete range of post-moulding services gives to Tecnostamp Triulzi Group T-Plast Division a competitive advantage.

While working on high-technical moulding tasks, Tecnostamp Triulzi Group T-Plast Division is the European partner for all the projects in which the moulding is just not enough, in which additional finishing operations and handling is needed.

We would like to briefly introduce to you through this section of our site, some of the main technology mastered by our organization, such as

Ultrasonic welding
Complete assembly
The here solutions and examples hereafter are proposed to allow you too better comprehend the Company way of doing business, its actions geared to provide a complete service to the customers. All images are projects realized at our departments, but your visit to our facilities will enable you to get the real feeling about the endless possibilities that our staff and constantly updated equipment can offer you.

If you have not seen what you are looking for, just contact us, we are willing to take up new challenges.